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Hey there! My name is Jackie and I’m a 26 year old from BC, Canada, with a love for mountains, moose, road trips, sunsets – and taking photos. I have a degree in Computer Science, work as a software developer and product manager for a health tech startup, and am obsessed with taking photos in my free time. This website is somewhere for me to share my favourite photos and some of my thoughts with you. This is like a little slice of me – I hope you enjoy. And if you want a bit more, send me a message, let’s shoot together!

Favourites of 2020

2020. Well that was a year. Each of us had our own personal struggles and the world struggled too. We all know that, so I’m not going to go into it. Instead, I want to talk about all the light in 2020 – the beautiful, the cozy, the good. For there was beauty and light in 2020. There were laughs and precious moments. There were new adventures and new experiences.  These were my favourites – favourite photos, favourite shows (cause wow I watched a lot of TV), favourite places, favourite books. There were the things that made my 2020. photos

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Kamloops to Whistler Roadtrip

I started this journal, blog, whatever you want to call it, and this evening I sat down to write, and I just don’t know where to start. My Dad told me to write about indecision, with a follow up post about procrastination. These two traits have defined my life. My mom told me to write about things that interest me, and to expand on my instagram captions. That involves choosing a post to expand on. My boyfriend, Austin, told me to write a post introducing the posts that will be coming soon. I’m not sure what those will be. I’ve

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Hello and welcome!

I asked my boyfriend how I should start off this blog section of my website – what should be the first post. I had determined it should be some kind of introduction but wasn’t sure what to say, I already have an introduction to me on my about page. He said, “Write about why you are doing this.” So here she goes. Why did I decide to make a blog? It goes back to the conception of my website. As a person who loves photography, a website felt like something I should have. As a person who graduated with a

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Capturing your products and bringing your vision to life through photos
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through my eyes - mountains, sunsets, open skies, dramatic clouds, and the great outdoors
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Self Portraits
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