Favourites of 2020

2020. Well that was a year. Each of us had our own personal struggles and the world struggled too. We all know that, so I’m not going to go into it. Instead, I want to talk about all the light in 2020 – the beautiful, the cozy, the good. For there was beauty and light in 2020. There were laughs and precious moments. There were new adventures and new experiences. 

These were my favourites – favourite photos, favourite shows (cause wow I watched a lot of TV), favourite places, favourite books. There were the things that made my 2020.


  • photos

    It is very, very difficult for me to make decisions – especially when those decisions relate to narrowing down a large number of items to a select few (menus are very overwhelming, anyone else?). But I did it (eventually).  Kind of. I couldn’t fit my favourite photos into one section, so instead I’ve created a couple different sections. 

    Favourite Digitals Taken

    Favourite Self Portraits

    Favourite Old Photos Edited for the First Time

    Favourite Polaroids with People

    Favourite Polaroids Sans People


    Favourite Places I Went

    In 2020, I did not leave the province of BC. Austin and I were supposed to go to Iceland at the end of May, but that was cancelled as the world came to a standstill. So instead, I explored my home province and these are my favourite places I went.

    • The Bugaboos 
    • Joss Mountain
    • Trophy Meadows
    • Sheridan Lake
    • Home (during lockdown I spent more time exploring my neighbourhood than I did in the full year prior, and there are some beautiful spots steps from home)

    Favourite Things That Happened in my 2020

    • Spending a weekend in Whistler with four of my best friends
    • Hiking in the Bugaboos (FINALLY)
    • Experiencing my first wine tasting to celebrate my best friend’s birthday
    • Having a picnic in the rain for a photoshoot with one of my other best friends
    • Receiving a beautiful chest handmade by my brother and my boyfriend for my birthday
    • Spending many weekends at my parent’s cabin on the lake, playing cards, cozying up by the fire, reading, and going for walks
    • Having two paint nights with friends – one in person and one virtually
    • Decorating Austin and I’s very first Christmas tree together


    Favourite Binge Worthy Shows I Watched

    Above all else, my favourite TV shows are dramas. And I watch a LOT of them. I love when a show makes me cry and I love when a show makes me laugh. In the past six years I’ve watched many, many TV shows – I used to watch them while I studied, now I put them on in the background while I’m working on any of my hobbies. There are many other shows I watched in 2020, and some where I am wayyy up in the seasons (Grey’s Anatomy, The Blacklist, …), but I figured those could be listed at anther time. These first four shows I discovered in 2020, they are fairly short and I consumed them very quickly cause they are wow. 

    • Spinning Out
    • The Queen’s Gambit
    • Trinkets
    • Soundtrack

    But then my list would not be complete without a couple more. The first is a given for any Star Wars fan (or even if you’re not, this is a great place to start). The second is a drama that I love, now in its third season, and still releasing episodes. The third, welp, I went down a rabbit hole with that one and watched all 171 episodes this year, so in a way it was a large part of my 2020.

    • The Mandalorian
    • A Million Little Things
    • The Vampire Diaries

    Favourite Reality TV Shows I Watched

    • Glow Up (for a show that is truly about artistry and not drama – British shows are always the best, and this one is wow)
    • Selling Sunset (for all that LA drama)
    • Tiger King (for the craziness you didn’t know existed in the world)
    • The Circle USA (for some heartfelt entertainment)
    • Love is Blind (for a new take on dating shows)

    Favourite Books I Read

    • Six of Crows / Crooked Kingdom – Duology by Leigh Bardugo (for the YA book lover – these are AMAZING)
    • The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes –  Prequel to the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (for the nostalgic – I saw this and it took me straight back to grade 6 me, so I had to read it)
    • Cilka’s Journey / The Tattooist of Auschwitz – both by Heather Morris (for incredible stories based on true events)
    • The Reckless Oath We Made – Bryn Greenwood (for something entirely different)
    • The Dragonbone Chair – Tad Williams (for all things fantasy)

    Favourite Songs

    • You and I / In a Stranger’s Arms / Chasing a Feeling – Léon
    • Exile / Seven / Epiphany / The Lakes – Taylor Swift
    • Giants / Glory / Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy
    • Tidal / Young Blood / Passenger – Noah Kahan
    • It’s Alright / Get Up / Bit by Bit / Monkey Tree – Mother Mother
    • Anything and everything by the Lumineers

    The end

    Goodbye 2020 – hello 2021! Thanks for checking out my 2020 favourites, let me know if you give any of the books or shows a try and your thoughts (:

    What were your favourite moments from 2020?

    Also, if you have any TV or book recommendations, leave them in the comments below, I’m always looking for new things to watch and to read! 




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