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I asked my boyfriend how I should start off this blog section of my website – what should be the first post. I had determined it should be some kind of introduction but wasn’t sure what to say, I already have an introduction to me on my about page. He said, “Write about why you are doing this.” So here she goes.

Why did I decide to make a blog? It goes back to the conception of my website. As a person who loves photography, a website felt like something I should have. As a person who graduated with a degree in computer science, a website felt like something I should build from scratch. As a person who, when faced with a decision or something I don’t know how to do and don’t have to do, often chooses to defer starting or doing that thing, I deferred ever making a website. Fast forward a few years, and I FINALLY reached the conclusion that even though I’m a comp sci grad, there was no reason I needed to build my website from scratch. I sat down and started sketching a design for my website. The first pages I knew I needed were a gallery and a journal. 

When I was younger I was the kid who read a book every one or two days, who stayed up until 4am with a flashlight (thinking I was sneaky and my parents had no idea I wasn’t sleeping), who often read instead of watched TV. Along with reading, I wrote. When I was little I would write fiction (really terrible fiction). English class, essays, anything that involved writing and relaying details – that was my thing. Somewhere along the line I gave up writing for fun, and only ever wrote for school assignments. Yet still, that dream job that occasionally bubbles up, that idea you thought you gave up on that hides behind your conscious thoughts, for me, was to be a writer.

In my first year of university I decided to take a creative writing course. It was a full year course that involved writing a fiction story, a creative nonfiction story, a poem, a screenplay, and a stage play. You’re supposed to write your piece and then edit, edit, edit, think about it, and edit some more. Me – I finished my first draft at about 4am the morning each of them was due. I made it through that class but while I aced the tests, the only assignment I did incredibly well on was the creative nonfiction story. When the year ended, I determined I was going to do a biopsych degree (which later turned into compsci) and that writing was not in my future.

It’s been five and a half years since then. In those five and a half years, I have turned to writing when I am emotional or overwhelmed, when I’m angry or upset, when I don’t understand how I’m feeling, and, occasionally, when I have a great idea. Writing allows me to work through what I often struggle to verbalize. In the past year, I have also tried to write when I’m happy, to record the details of those moments or weekend adventures that I don’t want to forget. But more often than not, I forget to write when I’m happy. Cue this journal.

This journal is for those happy moments, to share them with anyone who wants to read, and to give me a reason to write them down more often than not. I imagine many of these journal entries will take the form of details or stories about road trips, hikes, photography, and travel. I imagine many of them will be equal parts words and photos, while others might simply be my musings. Maybe some of them will be about random projects I try or life events. And maybe one day, some of them will be stories – fiction or nonfiction, just for fun. 

P.S. This is what my family affectionately calls a Jackie story – a story with numerous side stories and perhaps unnecessary additional details, all before you reach the end of the story. Jackie stories can typically be summed up in a handful of words – but it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting that way. I hope you enjoyed your first Jackie story and come back to read another.


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