Childhood drives gave me my first taste of the mountains. I was born in Alberta, and when I was younger we would drive 12 hours to the Okanagan to visit my dad’s side of the family in BC. Those 12 hours took us through Hinton, Jasper, Mt Robson, and Valemount, winding through valleys nestled at the base of towering mountains. My brothers and I kept tallies of all the wildlife we saw – bears, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, the occasional mountain goat. I don’t think I fully appreciated the magnificence of those drives until I was nearing the end of high school while living in interior BC. Interior BC has river valleys and foothills, but nothing like the mountains we drove by when I was a child. Living on the island for university, I got another taste of the mountains driving to Tofino or to Strathcona. All I wanted was to see more, to stand on a mountain peak, to marvel at the blue that is glacier water, to look up from the base of a waterfall as it plummets down a cliff towards me. 

In August 2016, I finally fulfilled my dream of returning to the Canadian Rockies. My brother and I spent three weeks living out of my car, hiking everyday. Summer 2017, I lived and worked at the Columbia Icefield (halfway between Jasper and Lake Louise on the Icefields Parkway). Since then I have been back on occasion, but always, always, I’m left wanting more.

That love for the mountains has extended to all landscapes, to the dramatic and the quiet, to lakes and oceans and waterfalls, to everything new and exciting. This world is magnificent. 

I’ve been lucky enough to not just explore the mountains of Canada, but also to have travelled to Scotland and Hawai’i. Here are some of my favourite photos I took along the way.




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