Self Portraits

There is something about taking pictures of oneself that is both challenging, frustrating, and extremely calming. The challenge of envisioning what you look like in a scene, how to place yourself, where to stand. Only seeing the result on the back of the camera, trying to adjust based on that little preview. Taking a hundred photos and realizing you like the first one the best. Some sessions nothing seems to work, and you’re left feeling defeated with yourself, with your skills, with how you look. Some sessions everything seems to work, the lighting is just right, you look and feel beautiful, the mood is everything. In those sessions, time falls away, hours pass, and I tend to stop only when the light is gone. In those sessions, I forget to feel cold or warm, I don’t notice the rain or wind, I don’t notice when my hands turn to ice or my bare feet start to freeze in the sand. In those sessions, I am calm, separate from every worry in the world. There is just me, running back and forth to my camera, placing myself into the world, freezing it in time. 

Me, but make it funky

little me, big world



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